Walk On

Let go

Give it to me

I’ll put everything on your path, all you have to do is walk

–But don’t look back

Look forward,

If it’s meant to come back around

I’ll put it there when the time is ripe and a message in your ear

Your energy will guide you

Put it in your feet and walk.



We are the pretenders in a dance called life

We bear the palls of a dreamer’s strife

We came to be at that moment called twilight

And grew as the stars invaded the night

We dance to the music in our souls

We dance to the music that makes us whole

Don’t you wish you could dream like us

So full of sweet pretending, the world will never be enough.

The Ghosts of William

Can I give up who you never were?

Can I toss my illusions to the wind and turn my face to see,

Can you show me who you are, am I strong enough to let you be?

Cause sometimes the webs we weave, we weave for ourselves-

The easiest fool to deceive.

All the while I preached of real,

Like I knew real.

I orated of letting others be who they are, of acceptance, and hence comes love, of turning our eyes wide open toward another soul and not projecting our desires on the souls of the unfed,

Can I give up who you never were?

Can I heal the scars that lie under the lies,

Can I forgive myself for what I’ve done?

Can I,

Can I?

Can I give up who you never were,

Can I heal the pain of my deceit,

Can I forgive myself for pushing you away?

Can I let go of the best thing I refused to know,

Can I give up who you never were?


Layla and Shemesh

Into this park I reluctantly stroll,

Into this haven among the hills, alongside the boy with God’s silent will,

Need I ask, need I question, need I wonder why,

I look away to heaven as these mortals cry,

A mortal king, a noble knight, a silent darker day,

A wanderer, a wild girl, a boy who could not stay,

The lilies of gold are colder than snow,

except to the wanderer who loves to know,

His iron will, his soft, silent ways,

Disguised in a costume, set in a maze,

I’ll run my hands along his fields,

I’ll stand in his wind as she does as she will.

A silent stroll in the afternoon,

A blanket of white spread out too soon,

Strolling in the shadows, this mortal and me,

Strolling in a dream, that’s just as it seems.

I run to the trees to climb their strength,

To sit at the top, to cry and pray,

I open my heart to God’s silent hands,

And ask that he cherish this holy land,

What is this?  There’s something more?

Life loves to love the pretty and poor,

Every year grows brighter with riches at bay,

But this poor pauper only runs away,

Away I tumble from lights long hill,

To punish myself, to weaken my will,

Away I fall, disgracing grace,

To be alone, to run the race.

Yet God loves me still, and I can’t know why,

He loves to love the poor and the shy,

Yet I punish myself for he takes no part,

In ruining the lame and destroying the heart,

I look back in my mind to wonder why,

I turn away from the mortals who cry,

I ran away before he left,

So he’ll never know this cowards theft,

I walk alone in my minds twisted park,

To ward off happiness, to cry in the dark,

God hold your children who punish themselves,

Who hide on the bottom of life’s crooked shelves,

God love your children who wander alone,

Whose hearts bloom hemlock, whose souls bloom stone,

God carry the infant born behind bars,

a pauper, a poor man, who feasts on the stars.

The Return

You must give them away

That which you pillaged, stole, borrowed and kept.

Return them all to whom they belong.

One at a time, with aching heart.

Until your pain becomes your glory

One by one

The saying goodbye

To the gifts that were never yours to keep

Let them go, until the bag is empty and there’s nothing left to hold

That is when what is yours

Will be given back to you.