The first place you found me,

A flower-filled meadow,

Still and steady,

Still as forever,

Like the flowers in my hair,

Long, dark and held up by one hundred pins.

You pulled them out, one by one, every last one,

Sending cascading rivers of hair and flowers across that sacred space,

One by one, you pulled them out,

Across that sacred place,

Our eyes searched one another’s,

Our souls bubbled and ran across the depths of a familiar place,

And then, the promise:

To keep the sacred, sacred,

To cradle love in its place,

To hold communion, to never blemish or tarry its name,

To keep holy the holy place.


The Dance

He’s stuck in his point of pain

As if he could do something different

She would never be hurt

Would never have left

His hands could still serve

The Lord’s holy meal

And he’s stuck in his point of pain.

Born a life time ago

How can he know

He hits replay

When he says he can’t stay

He’s cold, regimented and unconscious

He calls it compulsive

Compulsive it is

Ritualistic visiting to the scene of the crime

Ritualistic visiting the pain

Again and again and again

Not knowing he’s replaying

Not knowing,

He’s stuck in his point of pain.


She’s stuck in her point of pain

Not knowing the price she pays

Not knowing that cold freezes the heart

Though it keeps some things from falling apart

Unaware that cold

Freezes the heart

And she’s stuck in her point of pain.

All she sees in love is closing doors

Turned away

With a price to pay

Pay it in silence

That’s the woman’s way

And she’s stuck in her point of pain

She calls it perfection

Not knowing

It’s frozen

So nothing can move

Nothing can break,

And she’s stuck in her point of pain.

Have you seen my love?

Have you seen my love?

He glides beneath the Sycamore tree,

The one with the golden eyes,

the smile of dew,

And the lips of blossoms, waiting to unfold,

Have you seen my love?

He waits for me,

Deep in the forest next to an evergreen tree,

He’s sleek and fast,

He runs without sound,

His swift feet travel quickly over sacred ground,

He knows no God,

But that of the forest,

Have you seen my love?

Shall I wait for him, in the wild city; in the buildings of stone, will he come for me?

Shall I wait for him, will he find me; will he know, will he wander from beneath the Sycamore tree,

Will my love come, for me?

Will he know?

Have you seen my love?

He is perfect among men,

He glides through the forest,

A God of the trees,

He reads the stars and converses with the moon, in her silver language,

Never making a sound,

He’s perfect among men,

Have you seen my love?

Shall I go to him?

Will he accept this girl

Of wild mountain air,

With rough strewn hands and dirt in her hair,

Will he accept this girl,

With the smell of city on her skin,

Will he accept me now, and the woman she’s become?

Have you seen my love?  I grow weary with the search, I must rest here under the Sycamore tree

The mighty trunk gives support to me,

This weary girl,

And the woman she’s become,

Have you seen my love?


Have you seen my love,

She’s perfect among woman,

With wild blown hair,

And swarthy skin,

Eyes of emeralds,

And a smile of dew,

Have you seen my love, she waits for me.

She talks to the water and measures the wind,

She stands on her feet and glides upon clouds,

The rocks are her compass and her heart the glide,

Every eye turns to her when she walks in a room,

She’s perfect among woman,

Have you seen my Love?

Have you seen my love,

I lay down for her,

I worship the ground that is strewn behind her,

And every blade of grass she leaves in her wake,

I follow her scent of blossoms and Jasmine,

And wait,

I wait.

Have you seen my love,

My love is perfect among woman,

With shinning eyes of emeralds and lips of ruby,

When I kiss her I wake a thousand beasts inside,

And long to run through the forest in the moon-lit evergreens,

With my bride, my woman by my side.

Have you seen my love,

She is perfect among woman,

Have you seen my love, she waits for me.


Have you seen my love, I grow weary of waiting,

I will wander into the forest,

To see what I see,

Have you seen my love, my love she waits for me.

How to bring an Angel Down

In this dragon to dove

Winged like an angel




The dragon

As an angel

But dragons breathe fire

Sure as night

Flames will rise

She’ll take flight

Leaving scorched destruction in her wake.

A hero knows

one arrow can bring her down

Shot just right

Shot just right

To leave an angel lying there

Quivering like a dove

At last her feet

Have touched the ground.

Let it go Dark


Let it go dark

The up down

Up down

The going and never coming

The replies without initiation

Let it go dark

The empty promises

The wistful thinking

The longing to open the door

Without reaching out to touch it

Let it go dark.

The pain and the tears

The disappointment

The never ending wait

The chaos of side stepping, the jealousy of absence, the guessing at not knowing


And let it go dark.


To grow, change, shift

And emerge through the door

Transmuted by light

But first,

Let it go dark.

The Fourth Gate

You pulled me into your light filled bubble,

A space of love and grace.

Through this glow,

I watched as ribbons of darkness fell through,

I stepped back down, robbed of breath by that demon called terror,

Who told me I never really knew when I was being lured in and tricked by darkness,

And when it was you.

“I know,” you said, “it’s scary.”

“I can’t tell,” I whispered, “if it’s me or you.”

“Let them go,” you replied, “as they come up, look them in the eye and say,

I forgive you.

Then let them go.”

A moment of silence went inside and showed me eternity,

Like the echo of an aftershock, the whom, whom of the air pulsing in a massive wave, in, out,

Whom, whom.

“Oh,” I trembled like a leaf on the breath of God, “it was me.”

“Some kinds,” you smiled, “only come out with love.”

Standing in the shadows below,

I looked up, surprised, wondering how after all this time, I’d missed your halo.


There’s beauty in the gray

For somewhere in between

Lies my mind

A memory and a dream


There’s beauty in the light

That illuminates my past

Bringing shreds of remembrance

And lovers of the past


There’s hope in letting go

Of feelings that lie below

That bind the souls of ether

In timeless, eternal glass


There’s love in forgiveness

At the heart of alchemy’s fire

Purity in the void

And gold beneath the ashes.